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BITE 5389 Article Evaluation 3

BITE 5389 Article Evaluation 3 - Article Evaluation 3 How...

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Article Evaluation 3 How People are using Twitter during Conferences Is it possible that Attention Deficit and hyper activity are not adverse conditions but are in fact simply the next step in human thought evolution? Maybe, maybe not, it’s more likely that micro-bloggers have simply found a more efficient way to pass notes to their “friends” instead of paying attention to the subject at hand. Wolfgang Reinhardt, Martin Ebner, Günter Beham and, Cristina Costa want me to believe that conference attendees are passing each other and the world at large important information. They believe that micro-blogging lends itself to an enhancement to the learning experience by allowing instant interaction among learners. As you can tell, I disagree with this article. I’ve been in enough
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