tate famjly - POTENTATE wants to be a big short. But not...

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THE TATE FAMILY There is an old man DICTATE who wants to run everything, while uncle ROTATE tries to change everything. There is a sister AGITATE who stirs up plenty of trouble, with hel[p from her husband IRRITATE. Whenever new project are suggested, HESITATE and his wife VEGITATE , want to wait till next year. Then there is aunt IMITATE , who wants her school to be like others. DEVASTATE provide the voice of doom, while
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Unformatted text preview: POTENTATE wants to be a big short. But not all members of the family are bad, brother FACILITATE is quite helpful in school matters and a delightful happy member of the family is MISS FECILITATE . Cousins COGITATE AND MEDITATE always think things over and lend helpful hands and of course, there is the black ship of the family, AMPUTATE who has completely cut himself off from school....
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