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Unformatted text preview: Gilman wrote feminist fiction in her resistance against “masculinist ideals” as noted in her biography (Gilman, 506) She had been deeply affected by her father deserting her soon after she was born, as well as her ex-husband’s unrealistic expectations of wanting her to become a homemaker, which seemed to have definitely contributed to her writings. What she really wanted was to pursue a career. She believed that “because of the dependency of women on men for food and shelter the sexual and maternal aspects of their personalities had been developed excessively and to the detriment of their other productive capacities.” (Gilman, 507) In her text “The Yellow Wall-paper”, Gilman describes the monotony and the displeasure with her life when she was married to John by comparing it to boring wallpaper. According to her biography, Glaspell’s writing was about “…depiction of women’s narrow, thwarted, isolated, and subjugated lives in rural, regional settings” (Glaspell, 791) The first...
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