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velocity-time The longer the acceleration, the greater the change in velocity. If after a time velocity increases by a certain amount, after twice that time it should increase by twice that amount. Change in velocity is directly proportional to time when acceleration is constant. If an object already started with a certain velocity, then its new velocity would be the old velocity plus this change. The symbol v 0 [v nought] is called the initial velocity. A better definition would be to say that an initial velocity is the velocity that a moving object has when it first becomes important in a problem. The symbol v is then the velocity some time Δ t after the initial velocity. It is often called the final velocity but this does not make it an object's "last velocity". The last part of this equation a Δ t is the change in the velocity from the initial value. Recall that a is the rate of change of velocity and that Δ t is the time interval since the object had its initial velocity v 0 . Rate multiplied by time equals change. Thus if an object were accelerating at 10 m/s 2 , after 5 s it would be moving 50 m/s faster than it was initially. If it started with a velocity of 15 m/s, its velocity after 5 s of acceleration would be 15 m/s + 50 m/s = 65 m/ s. displacement-time The displacement of a moving object is directly proportional to both velocity and time. Time is a factor twice, making displacement proportional to the square of time. A car accelerating for two seconds would cover four times the distance of a car accelerating for only one second (2
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coursehero_notesvelocitydisplacement - velocity-time The...

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