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coursehero_quiz_king corn - Quiz on King Corn 1 According...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz on King Corn: 1. According to the filmmakers, why did they make the film in the first place? They were concerned that they may die sooner than they thought they would because of their diet 2. Corn grown in Iowa is used to do which of the following? Mark all that apply. Make Corn Syrup, Animal Feed, Make Ethanol. 3. If the government decided to stop subsidizing growing corn, what would happen? Much less corn would be grown. 4. The film shows that massive amounts of water soluble chemical nitrogen must be used to produce these large corn harvests. Since the goal is to make sure that there is always an excess of available nitrogen in the soil, what happens to the nitrogen not uptaken by the corn plants? Mark all possible answers. When it rains, some of the nitrogen enters nearby streams; When it rains, some of the nitrogen percolates down and gets into the water table. 5. What happens if the you spray Liberty herbicide on corn that has not been genetically modified so that it is Liberty-linked? I t kills the corn. 6. What is a human health problem caused by our current corn policies? For this question, you are being forced to extrapolate the evidence that was presented into health issues. Some are directly mentioned, others are indirect. Increase in diabetes; Heart disease; Obesity. 7. What is the name of the corn that they grow? Yellow Dent 8. What was the effect of agricultural policies implemented by Earl Butts? Mark all that apply. I t hastened the era of industrialized farming; I t forced family farms to grow larger or get out. 9. What will happen to a cow that is fed only corn for 2 years? I t will die before that time. 10. Which of the following food items has the LOWEST probability of being associated with corn production? In other words, which one does (probably) not contain corn or corn was not used to make it? Wild caught salmon. Behind America’s dollar hamburgers and 72-ounce sodas is a key ingredient that quietly fuels our fast- food nation: corn. In K I NG CORN , recent college graduates Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis leave the east coast for rural Iowa, where they decide to grow an acre of the nation’s most powerful crop. Alarmed by signs of America’s bulging waistlines, the filmmakers arrive in the Midwest enthusiastic about their new endeavor. For their farm-to-be, they choose a tiny town in Floyd, County, Iowa—a place that, coincidentally, both Ian and Curt’s great-grandfathers called home three generations ago. They lease an acre of land from a skeptical landlord, fill out a pile of paperwork to sign up for subsidies and discover the U.S. government will pay them 28 dollars for their acre. Ian and Curt start the spring by injecting ammonia fertilizer, which promises to increase crop production four-fold. Then it’s planting time. With a rented high-tech tractor, they set 31,000 seeds in the ground in just 18 minutes. Their corn has also been genetically modified for another yield-increasing characteristic: herbicide resistance. When the seedlings genetically modified for another yield-increasing characteristic: herbicide resistance....
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coursehero_quiz_king corn - Quiz on King Corn 1 According...

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