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Kilowatt Ours 1. What kinds of power plants did VP Cheney say we needed to build? Nuclear. 2. What two pronged strategy was offered for solving our energy problems? increased energy efficiency and intense research and development of renewables. Use energy efficiently Use green power. Buffalo mountain is green power, solar panels on house. Incandescent 100 W vs Compact fluorescent 20W GeoThermal: underground water temperature regulator system. 70% more efficient than regular a/c. Daylighting: Using natural light. LED lights: use for traffic lights, exit signs. Recycling: 1 can recycled can save enough energy to run TV for 3 hours. We only recycle ½ of aluminum cans. Step 2: clean energy. Solar energy. Challenge: cut 30% energy cost, sign up for Green Power, Solar energy. 3. Why would you personally want to reduce your energy use? Health reasons (reduce mercury in our bodies), reduce air pollution. 4. What is the major advantage of geothermal energy in terms of reserves and year round use? 70% more efficient than regular a/c. A Crude Awakening: 5. What was the issue about Middle East Oil, world stability, and its effect on your life? 2/3 of the oil reserves are in the Middle East. And it is the the administration that has most greatly married energy security with national security and the US foreign policy. use 25% of the world's oil and import 2/3 of what you use, that has to affect your foreign policy. They believe that the way to secure oil supplies that would in fact get the support of the American people and create a more stable world is to democratize the Middle East. They believe that this issue of promoting democracy to the Middle East is a way of actually securing oil supplies.
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coursehero_TestStudy Guide2 - Kilowatt Ours 1. What kinds...

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