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The theory of constraints

The theory of constraints - The theory of constraints A...

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The theory of constraints A constraint is defined as something that prevents a person or organization from receiving more of what is wanting or needed. A constraint that affects any military child development center (CDC) is staff turnovers. In order for any child development center to maintain accreditation and or quality, an ample supply of qualified teachers are required. The problem facing any military CDC is the rapid turnover rate for qualified staff on a regular basic. Summer months are very stressful for military CDCs because it is during this time of the year that most active military personnel to receive moving orders and with this move, comes the replacement of new staff. Most military personnel are relocated on the average of two to three years. For example over the last twenty-one years, every time my husband has relocated to a new duty station, my family has had to leave jobs and schools to start over again.
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