JetBlue annual report

JetBlue annual report - ITEM 1. Overview BUSINESS JetBlue...

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ITEM 1. BUSINESS Overview JetBlue Airways Corporation, or JetBlue, is a major low-cost passenger airline that provides high-quality customer service at low fares primarily on point-to-point routes. As of February 10, 2005, we operated a total of 280 daily flights. We focus on serving markets that previously were underserved and large metropolitan areas that have had high average fares. We currently serve 30 destinations in 12 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas. We intend to maintain a disciplined growth strategy by increasing frequency on our existing routes, connecting new city pairs and entering new markets. For the year ended December 31, 2004, JetBlue was the 10th largest passenger carrier in the United States based on revenue passenger miles. Effective January 1, 2005, we became a major U.S. airline, which we believe we achieved faster than any other airline in aviation history. While the domestic airline industry has continued to suffer financial losses through 2004, JetBlue has remained profitable. We had net income of $47.5 million and $103.9 million for the years ended December 31, 2004 and 2003, respectively. We also generated operating margins of 8.9% and 16.9% in 2004 and 2003, respectively, which were higher than most other major U.S. airlines, according to reports by those airlines. Our success, even amid a very tumultuous revenue environment and record high fuel prices, is attributable to our focus on customer satisfaction and our ability to contain our operating costs. Our load factor (the percentage of aircraft seating capacity actually utilized) of 83.2% during 2004 was higher than that reported by any of the other major U.S. airlines, whose weighted average load factor was 75.9% during 2004. In 2004, we demonstrated our commitment to customer service by attaining the highest completion factor, the highest on-time performance and the lowest incidence of mishandled bags amongst all major U.S. airlines. We are scheduled to add 113 new Airbus A320 aircraft and 100 Embraer E190 aircraft to our current operating fleet of 70 Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of 2011. We have an experienced management team and a strong company culture with a productive and incentivized workforce that strives to offer high-quality customer service, while at the same time operating efficiently and keeping costs low. Our high daily aircraft utilization and low distribution costs also contribute to our low operating costs. Our widely available low fares are designed to stimulate demand, which we have demonstrated through our ability to increase passenger traffic in the markets we serve. In addition to our low fares, we offer our customers a differentiated product, including new aircraft, leather seats, reliable operating performance and free LiveTV (a satellite TV service with programming provided by DIRECTV®) at every seat. In 2004, we continued to improve our customers' flying experience by increasing the total number of LiveTV channels from 24 to 36 and by adding movie channel offerings from News Corporation's Fox Entertainment
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JetBlue annual report - ITEM 1. Overview BUSINESS JetBlue...

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