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Season One - Suttles Capital 50,000 Total liabilities and...

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Lanette Suttles CDC, GSU Income Statement For the month ending November 30, 2008 Revenues: Tuition Revenue 70,000 Trainings Revenue 5,000 Total Revenues 75,000 Expenses: Salaries expenses 50,000 Supplies expenses 2,000 Food Expenses 2,500 Total Expenses 54,500 Net Income 20,500 Lanette Suttles CDC, GSU Balance Sheet For the month ending November 30, 2008 Assets
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Cash 5,900 Supplies 10,000 Equipment 40,000 Total Assets 55,900 Liabilities Accounts Payable 500 Salaries Payable 5,400 Total Liabilities 5,900 Equity
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Unformatted text preview: Suttles, Capital 50,000 Total liabilities and equity 55,900 Most interesting points about my income and balance sheets is that my total amount of revenue equals 70,000 which is enough to cover all expenses and liability and still make a profit for the organization. Secondly between our liabilities and equity, our center has enough to be self sufficient without outside assistance which is rare for a child development center....
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