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Missi Varner Article Review Week 3

Missi Varner Article Review Week 3 - Missi Varner Marketing...

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Missi Varner Marketing Article Review Week 3 The article I chose to review is entitled. Marketing to Teens via Social Media : After You Find Them, which was published on the Spiderwriters website ( http://www.spiderwriters.com/2010/03/marketing-to-teens- via-social-media-after-you-find-them/ ). The article was written by Kathryn Lively on March 18, 2010. This article is addressed to marketers that use social media for targeting teenagers and other young audiences. Although it is a little more than a year old, I chose it because I found it quite surprising and very interesting. I assumed the social media outlet would be a lucrative setting for advertise to teenagers. If the product is targeted at teenagers, the figures of social networking sites seem not only surprising, but also discouraging. Is it productive to have a presence on different social networking sites if the teenagers are not patronizing these sites? For example, only about 13% of Twitter users are in the age group 13-17. Even though the numbers are discouraging, the article advises the marketers to give serious though to having presence on social networking sites. One thing to remember about building content on certain networks is that search engines do pick up on the keywords.
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