Missi Varner Week 4 Case Analysis

Missi Varner Week 4 Case Analysis - Case Questions 1. What...

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Case Questions 1. What role do opinion leaders play in McDonald’s marketing? Opinion leaders play an important role in McDonald's marketing. They're the consumers who provide the "word of mouth" communication to other consumers. When they're opinions are highly favorable of McDonald's, those same attitudes can be passed onto others. This, in itself, is a marketing concept that McDonald's can fully utilize because their brand is very recognizable and trustworthy. For example, McDonald's enlists six Mom's Quality Correspondents that go behind the scenes at various facilities, restaurants, suppliers, and headquarters to look around, ask questions, and videotape their experiences. When they're done, they blog about what they've experienced and even show the video clips. Because of their important experiences, their opinions alone give McDonald's more credibility than a regular press release or investor reports. 2. How is McDonald's using marketing to spark learning and positive attitudes toward its brand and offerings? McDonald's is utilizing marketing to spark positive attitudes by showcasing its charitable and environmental activities, including raising millions of dollars for World Children's Day. They also run and operate over 271 Ronald McDonald Houses in 30 nations. By committing to the health and well- being of the children around the world, McDonald's is showing that they are more than willing to be socially responsible globally. They invoke the image of a company that cares about the people, especially
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Missi Varner Week 4 Case Analysis - Case Questions 1. What...

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