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Spring 2011 EE 341 Lab 1 Lab 1: Elementary Music Synthesis Due: In your discussion section 4/13 (Sec. AA and Sec. AD), 4/14 (Sec. AB), or 4/15 (Sec. AC). The hard copy report is to be turned in to your TA just before the above discussion begins . In addition, please combine the electronic version of your report & requested .m MATLAB files in a compressed file and then submit this file via E-Submit before the starting time of your above discussion section. This lab is based on a lab by Professor Virginia Stonick of Oregon State University. 1. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to construct physically meaningful signals mathematically in MATLAB™ using your knowledge of signals. You will gain some understanding of the physical meaning of the signals you construct by using audio playback. We also hope that you have fun! For this lab, you will need to use a PC with a sound card installed in it. Most computing facilities within the EE department and around campus are equipped with sound cards. You will need a set of headphones to listen to your musical creation. 2. Background In this section, we explore how to use simple tones to compose a segment of music. By using tones of various frequencies, you will construct the first few bars of the Scarborough Fair song. In addition, you will work on improving the perceived quality of the sound your created. Each musical note can be simply represented by a sinusoid whose frequency depends on the note pitch. In this lab, you will use a sampling rate of 8 kHz. There are seven natural notes: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. After G, we begin again with A. Music is written on a "staff" consisting of five lines with four spaces between the lines. The notes on the staff are written in alphabetical order, the first line is E as shown in Figure 1. Notes can
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lab1 - Spring 2011 EE 341 Lab 1 Lab 1: Elementary Music...

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