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Lab Report Grading: Report=5pts Code=3pts For the report, the 5 points are broken down into the following categories: 1pt for a technical mistake such as NO labels on graph axes or incorrect labels. 1 pt for organization and layout. Specifically, do you have section headings, introduce the problem and present your work in a logical sequence. 1pt for content. Did you include enough detail. My guideline for “enough” is to ask if it had sufficient detail that someone could fully recreate all results from reading the report. 1pt for writing quality. Is it easy to read, do you use correct grammar. Writing has many stylistic choices, so points are only deducted if there are major problems. -1 for readability -0.5 for minor points such as repeatedly incorrect use of plurals. 1pt for overall correctness and completion. In each lab, the number of sub tasks for the code will vary. Typically the code will be worth 3 points, but for longer assignments we may increase the point value of the code.
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