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Lab2 - EE440 Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Lab 2...

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EE440 - Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Lab. 2 For problems 2 and 3, solve the problems using your own Matlab programs. Do not use advanced image editing commands. 1. Show (a) the three R, G, B images and (b) the three H, S, V images of 2_1.bmp . (30 %) Hint : To read in the image use: X=imread(‘2_1.bmp’,’bmp’). Notice that X will be a three dimensional array. You can then use rgb2hsv to convert the image to HSV. 2. Write your program to produce the negative of the 2_2.bmp image. (30 %) Hint : The negative of an image = (2^n – I)-1 , where n is the number of bits and I
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