Lab3 - EE440 Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Lab 3 In this lab assignment you have two low-quality images(3_1 3_2 that you want to enhance

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EE440 - Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Lab. 3 In this lab assignment, you have two low-quality images ( 3_1.jpg, 3_2.jpg ) that you want to enhance. You will be examining the following three general histogram-based enhancement algorithms: a. Linear stretching (30%); b. Histogram equalization (30%); c. Histogram specification (40%). For each image and each method, please submit the original and the new image after processing. For original and new image, please also include their histogram and cdf plots for you to get a better understanding of what’s going on with these processing in regard with the image histogram. Compare the effects of these methods. For each image, please comment on the effects and pick up one method that you think works best for that image. Hints : 1. You need to implement your own functions for linear stretching, histogram equalization and specification. But you may use these commands to help you: rgb2hsv , hsv2rgb, subplot,imshow, cumsum, imhist 2. You may want to convert the image to HSV first before doing any operations;
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