Lab6 - can both be used to show images, how their effects...

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EE440 – Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Lab. 6 1. (30 %) Perform edge detection via derivative filtering on 5_2.asc to highlight the edges. a) Read in the image and normalize the pixel values by dividing by 255 b) Use a Sobel operator to detect vertical edges in original image c) Use the rotation of that Sobel operator to detect horizontal edges in the original image d) Find the norm of the gradients. In other words, combine the horizontal and vertical edge images using: sqrt(x_edge^2 + y_edge^2) e) Threshold the combined edge image to generate a binary edge image. Determine your threshold value to create most reliable edges. Submit the original, vertical-edge, horizontal-edge, combined-edge, and the final image. Hint: 1. MATLAB commands: imagesc, conv2 2. Use imagesc to show your edge images. Notice that even though imagesc and imshow
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Unformatted text preview: can both be used to show images, how their effects are different. 2) (30 %) Figure 6_1.bmp is a binary image with many circles. You will use morphological processing to achieve several purposes. First, transform the circles into rings, something like this: 3) (40 %) Fill up the holes in between the circles. First try closing the circle image by a disk structuring element with radius 7, attach the result image and any side-effects you observe in addition to the filling of the holes. Then do you have any idea for just filling the holes without any side-effects? Hints: 1. Useful and valid MATLAB commands: imerode, imdilate, imopen, imclose, strel, bwmorph 2. To get full credits for this problem, please present your reasoning, step-by-step procedures and intermediate results, along with final results and comments completely....
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Lab6 - can both be used to show images, how their effects...

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