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Ch. 20 Heart Anatomy of heart: 1. Four chambers: A. Right atrium (R. A.): or R. auricle (ear-shape) B. Right ventricle (R. V.) C. Left atrium (L. A.): or L. auricle D. Left ventricle (L. V.) ** Inter-atrial septum: ** Inter-ventricular septum: ------------------------ 2. Four valves: A. Tricuspid valve: R.A. R.V. (with “ chordae tendineae”) B. Pulmonary valve: R.V. pulmonary trunk C. Bicuspid (=mitral) valve: L.A. L.V. (with “chordae tendineae”) D. Aortic valve: L.V. Aorta Chordae tendineae : connective tissues connected tricuspid & bicuspid valve to heart wall through papillary muscles. Papillary muscles: A-V valves: including tricuspid valve and bicuspid valve. Semilunar valves: including pulmonary valve and aortic valve 3. Three layers of heart wall: a. Epicardium: ( or visceral pericardium): outer layer b. c. Endocardium: inner surfaces (including valves) 4. Base & Apex of heart: Right atrium: 1. Also called “R. auricle” (ear shape) 2. Receiving blood from: a. Superior vena cava b. Inferior vena cava c. Coronary sinus 3. Fossa ovalis: a remnant site of foramen ovale 4. Right ventricle: 1. 2. Chordae tendineae and papillary muscles: 3. Moderator band: muscle ridge containing nerve fibers (conducting system) 1
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4. Pulmonary valve (= pulmonary semilunar valve)
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Ch.%2020%20Heart - Ch 20 Heart Anatomy of heart 1 Four...

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