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Downloads starting April 4, 2011: US Unemployment Unexpectedly Drops. BUT we lost some 12M jobs so many more are needed Coverage of the drop in unemployment from 8.9 to 8.8 percent, and the addition of 216,000 jobs, is widespread and upbeat. But some stories also express caution, warning that a significant number of jobless Americans are not counted since they have given up looking for work. Rising Cocoa Prices Could Mean Less Chocolate In Products. Prices go up, packages get smaller Reuters (4/4) reports on the effect the rising cost of cocoa is having on the chocolate industry in the US, and the potential for prices to steadily rise in the future as demand rises and supplies decline. "We're talking about the next 10 years seeing a significant supply crisis, so yeah, I am concerned," said the CEO of one chocolate company. Companies said their products would likely include less chocolate going forward, achieved by such tactics as non-chocolate fillings for candies. Craft Beer Industry Sees Double-Digit Growth. Confusing choices until you see the prices The Chicago Tribune (4/4, Channick) report on "double-digit growth across the craft beer industry," which has companies scrambling to meet demand and receiving offers from larger companies and private equity firms. "Leveraging local roots, flavorful, sometimes fanciful, products and quirky marketing, craft beer accounted for 5 percent of beer sales nationally in 2010," and "with mainstream sales flat, some
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040411Downloads_Apr4 - Downloads starting April 4, 2011: US...

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