040311HW4 (1) - 3.0 miles per hour what was Salazar’s...

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HW4 13.4 The continuous timing method is used to direct time study a manual task cycle con- sisting of four elements: a, b, c, and d. Two parts are produced each cycle. Element d is an irregular element performed once every six cycles. All elements were perform- ance rated at 90%. The PFD allowance is 11%. Determine (a) the normalized time for the cycle and (b) the standard time per part. (c) If the worker completes 844 parts in an 8-hour shift during which she works 7 hours and 10 min, what is the worker’s efficiency? Element a b c d Observed time (min) 0.35 0.60 0.86 1.46 a.(.8+.60/6)(.9)=.864 min/cycle b. (.864)(1+.11)/2=.479 min c. 844(.48)/60=6.75 hr (6.752/8.0)*100=84.4% 13.30 In 1982, the winner of the Boston Marathon was A. Salazar, whose time was 2 hours, 23 min and 3.2 sec. The marathon race covers 26 miles and 385 yards. Given that one of the traditional definitions of standard performance is a person walking at
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Unformatted text preview: 3.0 miles per hour, what was Salazar’s performance rating in the race. A.Salazar Time= (2(60)+23)60+3.2= 8 583.2 (Sec) Total distance= 26(1760)+385= 46145(yrds) Speed=5.37620002 yrds/sec Std (3.0 miles/hr)(1760)(1/60)(1/60)= 1.46666667 yrds/sec 5.3762/1.46667= 3.66558258*100= 366.55% 20.6 An automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) has been installed recently in a production warehouse. The company that supplied the AGVS claims that its system is very reliable and has an availability of 95%. In the first week of operation, the mean time between malfunctions that caused downtime averaged 12.3 hours per vehicle. On average, how long was each vehicle out of service if the supplier’s claim of 95% availability is correct? Availability 95% Downtime 12.3 hrs/vehicle A=(MTBF-MTTR)/MTBF .95=12.3-MTTR/12.3 11.68500=12.3-MTTR MTTR= 0.615 Hrs...
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040311HW4 (1) - 3.0 miles per hour what was Salazar’s...

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