HW1 - i be the available supply of resource R i Let a ij be...

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IE 122- Software Tools Spring 2011- HW 1 Due Date: Friday 02/04/2011, 11:59 p.m. HW submission note: - Create a folder for each question and include your answer for that question in it. Zip the folders and submit one zip file per group following the format described in the syllabus. - When modeling, define your variables and constraints. - For all hw questions throughout the semester, the submitted AMPL codes should be well commented. 1. Solve the following problem using AMPL. (include both your code and your solution in your answer) ±²³´ µ ¶ ·´ ¸ ¹ º´ » ¼½ ¾½ ´ µ ¶ ¿´ ¸ ¶ ´ » À · ´ µ ¶ ´ ¸ ¹ ´ » À Á ¹´ µ ¶ ´ ¸ ¶ ´ » À º ´ µ Â ´ µ Â ´ » Ã Ä What to submit: Your AMPL code and solution. 2. Define your variables and formulate the linear optimization model of the following problem: There are n activities, A 1 , . . . ,A n , that a company may employ, using the available supply of m resources, R 1 , . . . , R m (labor hours, steel, etc.). Let b
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Unformatted text preview: i be the available supply of resource R i . Let a ij be the amount of resource R i used in operating activity A j . Let c j be the net value to the company of operating activity A j . The problem is to choose the activities that maximize the value of the output to the company subject to the given resources. Keep in mind you are choosing “activities”. a) There is a dependency requirement in choosing the activities: activity A 3 can only be chosen if activity A 5 is already employed. How do you mathematically incorporate it in your model? b) What if there is a conflict between two activities such that activity A 1 and activity A 6 have conflict and should not be selected together. (i.e. only one of them can be selected at the same time) 3. a) Write a mathematical program for problem 1-5 of your textbook and solve it with AMPL. b) Linearize your model and solve it in AMPL....
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HW1 - i be the available supply of resource R i Let a ij be...

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