Quiz3 - using sets and tables. Also avoid writing multiple...

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IE-122 Spring 2011 QUIZ 3 – Wed April. 27th. Time: 1:10- 3:10 p.m. What to submit: Question #1. The Metalco Company desires to blend a new alloy of 40% tin, 35 % zinc, and 25 % lead from several available alloys having the following properties: Property Alloy 1 2 3 4 5 Percentage of tin 60 25 45 20 50 Percentage of zinc 10 15 45 50 40 Percentage of lead 30 60 10 30 10 Cost ($/lb) 22 20 25 24 27 Determine the proportions of these alloys that should be blended to produce the new alloy at the minimum cost. Solve the model with Excel solver. Send your Excel file with your formulation and solution. Make your decision variable cells orange and the objective function green. Also show which cell contains your constraint set. For defining your constraint use the functions you saw in class. Question #2. Write the code of Question #1 in GAMS
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Unformatted text preview: using sets and tables. Also avoid writing multiple constraints when possible . 1. For question 1 you will have an excel file, solve it and save the solutions in the same worksheet after solved by solver. 2. For question 2, copy your GAMS code in notepad or word NEATLY. 3. You are not allowed to use any messenger or email account during the quiz. 4. You cannot contact your friends during the quiz. Q3. In Quiz3-Q3.xlsx the annual data for finished motor gasoline supplied to the U.S. is provided. Using the moving average technique for: a) N = 4 years b) N = 8 years Calculate the forecast values. c) Calculate the MSE for N = 4 and 8 years using the error values. d) Plot the data (1947 to 2006) and forecasts together. e) Add a polynomial trendline on your forecast curve for N=8. Display the trendlines equation. Good luck...
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Quiz3 - using sets and tables. Also avoid writing multiple...

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