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Race & Ethics - Asians Although they have different...

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Running head: 1 Brittany Meredith ETH 125 May 31, 2011
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2 What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you? Race is something that is not defined easily. Race depends on who we are talking about, there is not specific science to pin point a concept of race. As a society people are placed in categories that make other people comfortable. This is done mostly using things that are easily seen such as skin color. People who are from different countries with the same color of skin are automatically the same race because they look similar of alike. Others use race as meaning a person’s heritage or family background. This is ethnicity, or ethnic background meaning where a person originated from. Society used things like ideals, nationalities, and sometimes skin color in a geometrical area. An example would be Japanese people and Chinese people are both called
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Unformatted text preview: Asians. Although they have different religion, social structures, and share a similar skin color. Why are these concepts important to United States society? I think that these are important concepts to the United States society because they help to define ourselves. We associate ourselves with different groups and backgrounds to become the people we are. As a society we pay attention to things like race, gender, and age when meeting someone. We are placed in these categories naturally because cultural backgrounds have been passed on from generation to generation. Although it is important to stay close to our roots, know where we are from, and remember our ancestors we should steer clear of racism, or bigoty....
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Race & Ethics - Asians Although they have different...

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