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Price Ken Price ENG 102 The Deterioration of Public Education The public education system seems to have been always around, never really questioned, and accepted by most as the norm. But parents are unaware of the dangers the public school poses, not to the immediate health of the students, but to their minds, and in the long run, their ability to live as free-thinking, competent adults. The U.S. public school system has shown many signs of failure since its earlier years, and its problems are only increasing in numbers. Because the government has a monopoly on primary and secondary education, there is virtually no incentive for each school district to do better than the others, so the problems are left unchecked. The public school system - by the nature of its forced monopoly, needless spending, and incompetent staff - fails miserably, and education should be left solely to private institutions. The problems exhibited by the public school system mainly stems from the fact that the public school system is run by a monopoly established not by the merit of its success, but by its antithesis: the extortion of tax-payers by gun-point – government-run compulsory education. Bureaucracies did not always handle education; it is when Horace Mann aided Massachusetts’s state government in the establishment of a statewide school system that we had what we now call compulsory education (“Compulsory Education”). In the year 1918, children were forced to attend school by law, a misguided humanitarian effort that actually hindered, rather than helped, the academic growth of the generation and generations to come. If primary and secondary schools were much like industries such as non-subsidized universities were, individual schools would be forced to improve 1
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Essay1 - Price 1 Ken Price ENG 102 The Deterioration of...

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