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checkpoint dorfman pacific - and other forms of computer...

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Checkpoint: Dorfman Pacific 1 CheckPoint: Dorfman Pacific IT205/Axia College July 7, 2011
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Checkpoint: Dorfman Pacific 2 Checkpoint Dorfman Pacific Problem Dorfman Pacific is used to catering to small businesses and now they are serving Fortune 500 companies and this has creased a problem. For instance it is both ineffective and inefficient to serve top companies with paper based system and order picking processes. In order to keep up with orders Dorfman Pacific is spending excessive amounts of money in wages during seasonal peaks. Alternative Solution To eliminate the paper-based system and replace it with wireless and updated technology would be an alternative solution. Another solution would be to use emails
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Unformatted text preview: and other forms of computer interface technology. Also more warehouse space to store stock in house is needed. Choose the Best Solution The best solution is for Dorfman Pacific to identify the best type of system building method for a wireless system to be installed in the warehouse. In retrospect more space is needed in the warehouse so they should expand. A new ERP system should be reconfigured and installed in the warehouse. Implement Solution To test the feasibility of the wireless system, the Texas Bar Code was implemented. Also to manage the shipping, packing and picking process new warehouse management systems and ERP was incorporated....
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checkpoint dorfman pacific - and other forms of computer...

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