Biology 1 DB 1 table - Carrots, raw Refuse: 11% (Crown,...

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Carrots, raw Refuse: 11% (Crown, tops and scrapings) Scientific Name: Daucus carota Common Name: Includes USDA commodity food A099 NDB No: 11124 (Nutrient values and weights are for edible portion) Nutrient Units 1.00 X 1 cup chopped ------- 128g Proximates Water g 113.01 Energy kcal 52 Energy kJ 221 Protein g 1.19 Total lipid (fat) g 0.31 Ash g 1.24 Carbohydrate, by difference g 12.26 Fiber, total dietary g 3.6 Sugars, total g 6.07 Sucrose g 4.60 Glucose (dextrose) g 0.76 Fructose g 0.70 Lactose g 0.00 Maltose g 0.00 Galactose g 0.00 Starch g 1.83 Minerals Calcium, Ca mg 42 Iron, Fe mg 0.38 Magnesium, Mg mg 15 Phosphorus, P mg 45 Potassium, K mg 410 Sodium, Na mg 88 Zinc, Zn mg 0.31 Copper, Cu mg 0.058 Manganese, Mn mg 0.183 Fluoride, F mcg 4.1 Selenium, Se mcg 0.1 Vitamins
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Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 7.6 Thiamin mg 0.084 Riboflavin mg 0.074 Niacin mg 1.258 Pantothenic acid mg 0.349 Vitamin B-6 mg 0.177 Folate, total mcg 24 Folic acid mcg 0 Folate, food mcg 24 Folate, DFE mcg_DFE
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Biology 1 DB 1 table - Carrots, raw Refuse: 11% (Crown,...

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