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Business Management and Leadership Unit 1 DB 1

Business Management and Leadership Unit 1 DB 1 - Unit 1 DB...

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Unit 1 DB 1 Yvonne N. Adams AIU Online On a daily bases, society tends to change in many different ways. To imagine how society was 10 years ago would be like living in the future and trying to maintain the lifestyle we live to day. The Globalization and organization culture are the main two topics that I feel are always on the road for a new change. Management plays a major role in why our society is very different from what it was 10 years ago. The main reason for changes has to do with the way society has been managed time after time. Over the past few years the natural gas monopoly of Gazprom, Russia has risen (The Profits of Power, 2010). Russia has been known to have one of the most organized cultures around the world. The leaders today in Russia has become so power hungry that they have failed to maintain a great relationship with France, Germany and Italy (The Profits of Power, 2010). Many years ago international politicians could have a cup of coffee and discuss major issues with majority of the cultures being on the same sheet of music. However, with today’s economy, managements and leaders are all focused on being able to provide for their culture and maintain afloat in a financial stand point. Globalization in today’s generations has brought much attention to those who may have never even known or understood what globalization meant. In America today many employees have felt the recession the most. American corporate and the disconnection from their employees has been one the main result from globalization (Trade policy and the American workers, 2010). This has a lot to do with the free trading agreements many corporations are signing up with in order to make it through the recession. Many political Americans leaders believe that the need for a big government today is not
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needed (Trade policy and the American workers, 2010). Due to this era of management, this has allowed many of our technology and polices to be traded at the cost of our American workers. Today’s society is nothing like it was 10 years ago. We have allowed our greed to succeed to ignore issues at hand and put rose color glasses on the main issues we truly need to focus one. Maybe this trial will end and we shall overcome the lifestyle we live in today. Changes are extremely for our children who are the next generation that will manage our society. References
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Business Management and Leadership Unit 1 DB 1 - Unit 1 DB...

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