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geron_sci_255_assign_1 - Perspectives on Evolutionary...

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Assignment 1 In questions #1 through #10 please indicate the most correct option for each question. There is only ONE correct answer. 1. The ideal rectangular survival curve a. would show no infant morality b. shows a steep rate of decline in the middle years c. has an almost flat old-age portion d. has a short tail for the very old age part e. non of the above is correct 2. Developmental longevity in humans includes the years 3. Which is the incorrect option? It is difficult to do aging studies on humans because there are too many 4. A type #1 survival curve has a. the total deaths on the vertical (Y) axid b. the percent survivors on the vertical axis c. the vertical (Y) axis showing a logarithmic scale d. the horizontal (X) axis showing a logarithmic scale e. the horizontal axis showing the percent survivors 5. Biological aging
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