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CSE 100 HW6 Problem

CSE 100 HW6 Problem - Page |1 Homework Assignment 4(20...

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P a g e | 1 Homework Assignment 4 (20 Points) CSE 100, FALL 2007 Department of CSE, Arizona State University Due: November 20, 2007 Online using the assignment 6 link Important: Start early so that you can complete the program in time. Also, you are welcome to talk to me or the TA if you need more clarifications about the assignment. In this assignment you are required to use 2-D arrays and the sequential searching algorithm discussed in the class. You are required to develop a program to store student exam scores in 2-D array and use this array to generate various information listed below. Assume that you have only 5 students and they have taken 4 exams. 1. First, write a function to populate the array with test scores (you can either allow the user to enter data or generate test scores randomly and store them in the array). Make sure that the test scores are between 0 and 100. 2. Then, using the sequential search algorithms that we have discussed, write a function to find a given test score in the array. For example, suppose if
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