RHIA and RHIT - accuracy of patient records. Once they are...

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RHIA and RHIT RHIA is an abbreviation for Registered Health Information Administrator. The RHIA is a much needed position for care providers, payers and patients. RHIA manages patient healthcare information and medical records. RHIA also administers the computer information systems, collects and analyze patient data and makes corrections in terms of medical terminologies. RHIA has all required knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements that are in sync with healthcare delivery. They also make sure that the privacy of patients and their information is protected. RHIA keeps up with all information included in clinical, financial, and administrative and information systems. RHIT is also an abbreviation. It stands for Registered Health Information Technician. RHIT’s work in major health facilities and units such as doctors offices, nursing homes, home health agencies, and mental health facilities. They ensure the
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Unformatted text preview: accuracy of patient records. Once they are verified, the RHIT puts everything into a database. RHIA are experts when it comes to information about patients and records. They are also able to make analysis according to medical terminologies and are linked to care providers, payers and patients. They collect and analyze patient data in order to make adequate decisions. However, they do not have the ability to make decisions but can analyze the patient data to improve patient care or costs. It can be mistaken that RHITs and RHIAs are of the same job description. RHITs only gather the information for medications and make entries in the computer systems. If ordered by RHIA, RHIT are allowed to analyze patient data. RHIA are the only ones that can make the decisions based on the data....
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RHIA and RHIT - accuracy of patient records. Once they are...

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