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week 6 checkpoint - small facilities keep loose papers...

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When looking at the organization of patient files from my assignment chart, there seem to be more similarities than differences. Most facilities, whether small, medium, or large, tend to keep patient records sectionalized. By sectionalized, they are kept in order with most recent information at the front. There are not many differences in facilities since most records are kept as simple as possible to prevent mistakes and to keep from getting information mixed up. Differences that can be pointed out vary from facility. Loose reports seem to be something that varies slightly from one facility to the next. Most large facilities keep records filed electronically at all times but still keep paper records on file while others tend to keep paper copies and file them electronically when they have time. Medium and
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Unformatted text preview: small facilities keep loose papers anchored in folders and labeled for easy filing. Most facilities have some paper records and some electronic. Small facilities seem to keep everything simple. All records are on paper and hardly anything is electronic. Typically in large facilities, files are written down on paper from the beginning and filed electronically as soon as possible. Medium facilities however keep the paper records as long as needed until the can be filed electronically in order to keep from rushing and getting files mixed up. Small facilities just keep everything on paper in order to keep everything original that way mistakes can’t be made when trying to type in information and risk losing information once it is filed electronically....
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