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week 7 hcr210 - have easier access to all patients’...

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Several concerns and benefits are associated with the electronic storage of medical information in an internet database. This does not limit the potential usage of a patient’s records to a specific doctor’s office. One potential problem is that not all health care providers in the country keep electronic paper records. Security and privacy concerns are also problems. Records could potentially be stolen, used as blackmail, or sold to the highest bidder, and these are concerns that patients express about electronic record systems. Fraud and identity theft are two additional concerns stemming from electric paper records. However, there are also benefits to medical record being stored electronically in an internet database. Care quality has the potential to improve and costs can decrease if patient information is easily available over the internet for themselves and anyone who cares for them. Doctors could
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Unformatted text preview: have easier access to all patients’ medical records and important information to help them provide the best possible care to patients. The number of repeated or unnecessary tests could be reduced to this type of storage. Accuracy could be better checked and errors could be fixed more quickly and easily (Government Technology, 2006). Provided my privacy is still completely protected, I support medical records being electronically stored in an internet database. Such storage would make my doctors work easier by information retrieval to help my care. I would not need to carry my records to all my doctors or worry that I have neglected to give them important information. References Government Technology (2006). Americans Have Serious Concerns About E-Health Privacy, Says Survey. Retrieved June 18, 2011 from, http://www.govtech.com/ft/articles/102771...
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week 7 hcr210 - have easier access to all patients’...

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