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Effective Presentation Check Point

Effective Presentation Check Point - These are two example...

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Effective Presentation Check Point After reading all the information provides I got to the conclusion that using PowerPoint will be interesting for my presentation. They are many ways to use PowerPoint resources and when I watch the different presentation given in the tutorials I have a good idea what to use. I recently install Microsoft Office Visio 2007 and have Window Vista 2007 both with programs for PowerPoint and other resources to make a knockout presentation hope all work fines. I have chosen a simple design similar to the one in our sample demonstration. The objective of the document it is to be clear, direct and well structure and very professional looking. Choose a simple layout and consistent through the document, used bullet points, diagrams to support my message. Each part of the document has its own objective to persuade the audience.
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Unformatted text preview: These are two example of my PowerPoint presentation so far for the new cafeteria DigiFast: By planning a good presentation is necessary to follow a good set of rules. What I learn in “8 secrets to a knockout presentation” will give me the opportunity to put in practice the following rules. 1) We need to research our information. Dig Deep in what we want to use in our presentation. 2) Avoid info overload to much will get boring, people won’t be excited. 3) Practice makes perfection. 4) Pick powerful props used the time wisely. 5) Don’t be a comedian. 6) Make the audience be part of the project, engage them with question. It all comes down to what your audience walks away with in the end....
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Effective Presentation Check Point - These are two example...

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