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COMP206 CourseOutline

COMP206 CourseOutline - McGill University School of...

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McGill University School of Computer Science www.cs.mcgill.ca Course Outline Course Name : Introduction to Software Systems COMP-206 Fall 2010 Instructor : Joseph Vybihal Contact Information : Office: ENGMC 323 Office Hours: Thursday, 15:00-16:00 (or by appointment) Monday, 11:00-12:00 (in Trottier 3 rd floor labs - look for me) Email: Use the WebCT email tool Emergencies or non-course related: [email protected] Course Objectives : (1) COMP-206 is a 3-credit full semester course in Software Development under the UNIX environment. It is offered in both the fall and winter semesters, and is a required course for students in many of our degree programs. It provides a brief but comprehensive introduction to and overview of the C programming language and how to use it with the UNIX environment to build software. (2) This is not only a course on how to program in C and use Unix. This course focuses on software systems. And this relates to how differing software, languages and environments can be integrated to work together. In this light the course also teaches programming in Python, HTML & CGI. (3) The attempt will be to integrate C, Python, HTML and Unix Shell programming into a single application solution!! (4) COMP 206 sets the stage for follow-on courses, COMP-273 and COMP-310. (5) This course also gives the student software management skills in the form of the GNU tool set. Course Description : Comprehensive overview of programming in C, use of system calls and libraries, debugging and testing of code; use of development tools like make and version control systems. Texts : Primary Text: - Software Systems; Vybihal & Azar; Hendall/Hunt; ISBN 978-0-7575-5727-9 Supplementary Texts : - GNU Software; Louksides & Oram; O’Reilly; ISBN 1565921127 (free on web) - Drive into Python; Mark Pilgrim; Apress; ISBN 1590593561 (free on web) - Just Enough Unix; P.K. Anderson; McGraw Hill; ISBN 0697131726 - C Programming Language; Kernighan & Ritchie; Prentice-Hall; ISBN 0131101633 Evaluation : Assignments 30% 5 Assignments Midterm Exam 20% Wednesday, October 27, 2010 (in class) Final Exam 50% TBA Tutorials : 2 Sessions (midterm and final exams) Labs : 4 Sessions (Unix, Bash, C, HTML/CGI, and Python) 1
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You will be notified in advance of assignment due dates. All assignments are due on WebCT at the indicated time and date. Late assignments will lose 5% of its grade per day late. Assignments beyond 2 days late will not be accepted. You may not submit assignments via e-mail without the permission of the instructor.
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