Class test 2 - Verion B

Class test 2 - Verion B - ECSE-304A: Class Test #2 (Version...

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Unformatted text preview: ECSE-304A: Class Test #2 (Version B) 1 ECSE-304 Signals and Systems 2 McGill University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Class Test #2 (Version B) Thursday 19 October 2009 11:35 12:55 Instructions: 1. Please indicate clearly which version of the test you are writing on the exam booklet. 2. Answer all questions in the exam booklet(s). 3. This exam is CLOSED book. You are allowed one single-sided and hand-written crib sheet 8.5 11. 4. Read through all questions before beginning. Attempt all three (3) questions. 5. There are a total of 65 marks. 60 marks constitute a perfect score. 6. You can complete the questions in any order, but clearly indicate which part of a question you are answering. Start each question on a new page. 7. This exam comprises 4 pages. 8. Good luck! ECSE-304A: Class Test #2 (Version B) 2 Part A: Sampling Systems (15 marks, 20 minutes) A.1 Consider a signal x [ n ] that has the signal spectrum defined below: ( ) < = otherwise , 4 , 1 X The signal is sampled using a sampling period...
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Class test 2 - Verion B - ECSE-304A: Class Test #2 (Version...

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