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As the energy provided by Hydro Québec is significantly cheaper than our project, and also emits almost zero GHG, we decided to look at several options to make this project more attractive, by trying to compete with the natural gas consumption from environmental perspective, instead of hydroelectricity. Therefore, we consider an additional function to our project, which is a hybrid photovoltaic with thermal collector (PVT). Natural gas is used by McGill power house, which consists of 3 boilers, to produce steam. The steam is then supplied to downtown campus building. Wong building consumed average of 1,248,864 pound of steam per month, from June 2009 to Apr 2011, which is equivalent to 470.34 kWh of steam per month. This steam is used for many purposes, including space heating and heating the tap water. The temperature needed for heating tap water is around 60 degree Celsius; meanwhile 50 to 90 degrees Celsius are required to sustain comfortable interior temperature, depending on the type of the buildings. The water heated inside the hybrid collector can reach up to 60 degree Celsius, depending on the technology.
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