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Capstone Checkpoint Art 101 - our small town to even look...

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Capstone Checkpoint The arts in Rockford, Illinois are sadly not supported by the people here because there are a lot of selfish and poor people here. Rockford Art Museum is supported by groups that include Friends of Rockford Art Museum, Visual Interest and Women's Art Board. Later on the RAM was supported by memberships, individual and corporate contributions, and grants from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and Rockford Area Arts Council, funded in part by the City of Rockford. I personally believe that there is plenty of support through agencies, counsels, and individuals that the art really doesn’t need the support. We really do not have much art here in
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Unformatted text preview: our small town to even look at. We have to travel two hours to another city to look at something that is worthwhile. It’s not from the lack of support, rather from the lack of talent and ability to show an intriguing display. The role of creation of art in our community is lacking the ability to come up with something that might be more interesting to our community. Rockford’s creations need to focus on what the community will enjoy in order to get the support they want for the arts. We lack creation and support because the creations here really are just mediocre and need to focus on things that will catch the eye....
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