Art and Intention - Duchamp wanted to see how others viewed...

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1 Art and Intention Elizabeth Carlson Art 101 Mrs. Sweat 05/13/2011
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2 Art and Intention The way at which some of the public reacted to Michelangelo’s David was protesting due to a man being nude in public. However, majority saw David as a shrine and a reminder that the freedom of Florence had once happened. Most of the public opinions saw David as a triumphant sculpture. Michelangelo was prepared with a leaf flap incase the male genitalia offended others. Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a staircase seemed to make the public think about the abstract piece. A lot of people did not appreciate Duchamp’s piece because they did not understand it or see what was in the piece. Most, this found the piece to be intimidating because they could not figure it out.
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Unformatted text preview: Duchamp wanted to see how others viewed his work and that is why he made it look the way it did. I found that his art was intriguing in a way, due to the fact that not only could you see a naked women but it also look like she could be wearing a dress. Duchamp used the abstraction to his benefit and that is how he wants his viewers to see it. After reviewing the Nude Descending a Staircase , I came to appreciate it more. He was discrete about the way he had the nudity put in his artwork that even most of his viewers were blind to what was supposed to be seen. Overall, both artists have appreciated pieces and the work will live on with their success....
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Art and Intention - Duchamp wanted to see how others viewed...

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