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Essay 3 - Price 1 Ken Price ENG 102 Essay 3 Smoke Freely,...

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Price Ken Price ENG 102 Essay 3 Smoke Freely, Arizona! As of May of 2007, state health officials have enacted a smoking restriction: no smoking within 20 feet of the entrances of bars, restaurants, and other business establishments and public places (Smoke Free ). Thanks to Proposition 201, Smoke-Free Arizona Act, smokers statewide became segregated from the non-smokers inside bars and restaurants where it was once part of the culture to enjoy a cigarette with one’s meal. No longer will the smoker light one up in the pool hall while having a good time. The Smoke-Free Arizona Act was formed for what people believed to be a good cause. However, the voters do not realize that they are infringing on the rights not only of smokers, but of businesses such as restaurants and bars that thrive on the smoking culture, and the obvious solution is to lift the smoking ban altogether and leave the choice up to the owner of the establishment. People perceive dirty, smoke-filled air to be a major problem; a problem so large that it is justifiable to force business owners to disallow smoking in their own establishments. This is an exemplification of the consequence of the government attempting to regulate ethics. The rights of the business owners and the smokers are subordinated by the irritation and the personal pet peeves of the hoi polloi. So businesses are forced to enact the smoking ban, and smokers have to pacify their nicotine cravings 20 feet away from the building entrance – big deal, right? The ban has actually caused more problems than the self-righteous anti-smokers anticipated. These crusaders of anti- 1
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Price smoking cost Joan Gobble, owner of an Irish pub, thousands of dollars due decline in business shortly after the ratification of the smoking ban (“Smoking ban”). Joan Gobble is a member of the Arizona Alcohol Service Providers Association (AASPA), one of the many organizations that are against the smoking ban. The AASPA predicted that an estimated 24,000 to 28,000 jobs in Arizona would be gone due to the smoking ban
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Essay 3 - Price 1 Ken Price ENG 102 Essay 3 Smoke Freely,...

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