Technology in Education Project

Technology in Education Project - I had not used Power...

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Unformatted text preview: I had not used Power Point as frequently or as in depth as I have until beginning my educational journey at Axia College. Since beginning my studies, it was necessary for me to become more acquainted with the Power Point program and therefore I have developed a deeper understanding of how the program works. Many of the classes at Axia College require homework be completed as a power point presentation. I found that learning this newer technology was difficult at first but as I continued learning the little t ricks, uses, and applications the program had to offer it became easier and more enjoyable to use as a student. Additionally, Power Point is an effective way to present materials in a classroom setting. The reason that Power Point is such an effective classroom tool is because of the way it is designed. Power Point is a Microsoft Office program that allows the writer to make a slide show that integrates other Office programs. The writer is able to insert information in an outline format, bullet points, paragraphs, graphs, and a number of other styles and formats. Furthermore, the program also allows for incorporation of multimedia like pictures, music, clipart, flash animation, and videos, this makes the otherwise boring slide show more interesting and entertaining and allows the writer to express their own creativity and in some cases their sense of humor . As a result of the program’s ability to involve all these other aspects of a personal computer, Power Point t ruly proves itself to be...
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Technology in Education Project - I had not used Power...

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