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checkpoint ELL accommodations - Checkpoint: ELL...

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1. Use language objectives If I use the ELL language in my objectives for my lesson, the students will be able to transition into a successful student. Using the language will also make the student more comfortable rather than feeling overwhelmed by learning another language that isn’t familiar to them. 2. Make visual instructions I will make visual instructions as well as have verbal instructions. The ELL student will be able to familiarize with the language by associating pictures with words. Making visual instructions are important for ELL students because it allows them to feel content with the information that they are learning. 3. Use native language It is important to know or try to learn their native language. By using their language, it is allowing them to feel accepted and not pushed too hard to learn another language. It also shows appreciation of their culture. 4.
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checkpoint ELL accommodations - Checkpoint: ELL...

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