Classroom Management

Classroom Management - E veryone is different and unique in...

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Everyone is different and unique in their own way. One of these differences is the way in which we learn. Some students may need to be taught with a diverse method of teaching. There are two major schools of thought in regards to education that are presented; the first being a student-centered method called Constructivism, and the second is a teacher-centered method called Behaviorism. These two methods are two sides of the same coin and at the same time opposites of each other. Constructivism is similar to Progressivism, Reconstructionism, and Humanism in that they are all student-centered philosophies. Thought the years, more teachers have progressively moved towards this newer method of teaching because of the benefits that it presents. On the opposite side of this theory, Behaviorism is similar to Essentialism, Perennialism, and Positivism. While it is inadvisable to use any one of these methods to the extreme, finding a happy medium is important taking different approaches to classroom organization, motivation, discipline, and teaching style. The learning environment is a significant role in a child’s educational development. This being said, classroom organization is pertinent. Under the umbrella of classroom organization is the teacher’s lesson planning, the physical setting of the classroom, and the assessment and evaluation of the student. Regardless of educational theory, lesson plans are important to assure that educational guidelines are being met according to district
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Classroom Management - E veryone is different and unique in...

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