Personal Philosophy of education

Personal Philosophy of education - Behaviorism will try to...

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Checkpoint: Personal Philosophy of education As we all know that there are like eight different kinds of philosophies. The two philosophies that would probably be used would be essentialism and behaviorism. Essentialism is great to use in the classroom because it will teach students to transmit the material that they learn effectively. Educators want nothing more than there students to succeed in school and later on in life. The main goal of essentialism is to help you student live a productive life. Behaviorism was my second choice because I am going to be a special education teacher. There will be a lot of behaviors to study and to determine what the sole cause of the children behaviors is. When it comes to instruction I will use a little bit of behaviorism and constructivism in my classroom instruction. Construction will allow the students that need the hands on learning to learn effectively. Constructivism will allow the students who need to be challenged critically.
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Unformatted text preview: Behaviorism will try to contribute to shaping the student. I can use behaviorism by having a highly organized curriculum. I dont foresee any of this being a problem because I am a neat freak when it comes to organization. I already prepare a curriculum for a class before for a month straight. My views for education are to give the best learning experience for my student. I want to make sure that they are all educated to where they understand it and find it interesting. I personally feel that I am more of a constructivist because I can understand material better if I can see, feel, and touch it. If a student interacts with the material, they tend to remember it. My views will relate to my instruction and management style by incorporating them in for the best of my students. I have worked with children the majority of my life. My views will relate by giving a very active learning experience for each and every one of my students....
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Personal Philosophy of education - Behaviorism will try to...

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