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Checkpoint religion in schools - that I enjoyed the prates...

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Checkpoint: Religions in School Many have debated that taking a moment of silence, and prayer shouldn’t be allowed in public schools. No one should ever be pressured to do something that will violate their faith, race, or ethnicity. As schools all over keep debating the prayer issue, some are allowing students to express themselves by doing it. In my opinion, prayers should be an open option that students can do, as long as they aren’t peer pressuring their classmates to do so. A religion is almost like a part of your personality. Students and teachers should be allowed to express themselves on a harmless level. I went to both private and public schools and found
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Unformatted text preview: that I enjoyed the prates school because we could express ourselves more on a personal level. Religion is something a student should have a choice of. If a student decides to pray, then we should be fine with it. Praying doesn’t hurt anyone. According to the Supreme Court they rules out all praying in schools because it violates the church and state separation rule. I believe it doesn’t violate it. Students are practically being told that they cannot have the right to speak freely about something that expresses them....
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