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Checkpoint school funding issues

Checkpoint school funding issues - experiences from both of...

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Checkpoint: School Funding Issues When browsing the school funding site for Illinois, I could not find any funding issues. It gave our state over eleven million dollars to distribute for the entire school year. This number has dropped by two million in a ten year period. This funding decrease has caused parents to take their children out of the public schools and put them in a more suitable school, such as private or charter schools. Funding is greatly affected due to having the choice on where their child attends. With there being several different types of schools parents can choose from, they are looking at non- public schools that can provide a better education experience for their child. Parents also tend to feel that by sending their children to non-public schools, that they are in a more secure and safe environment. Growing up I attended both public and private schools and had many good and bad
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Unformatted text preview: experiences from both of them. Despite affecting school funding, and my own experiences I will choose to send my children to private school. The funding can affect the school both negatively and positively. Negatively because for every child that withdraws from public schools they lose their funding. It is only a positive effect when the student is getting all their needs met and the parents feel that their child is getting the best education possible. My classmate views varied on how they felt. Most of them seem to feel that we are losing public school funding. They feel that public schools are losing their funds related to parents wanting their children to receive a better education. The only way this is able to happen is by sending them to a non-public school....
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