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social challenges - many kinds of abuse students suffer...

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There are many societal issues that students suffer from in this big world. One of the biggest issues is gangs. Students get pressure by friends and families to join these so called gangs. The pressure causes them to join these violent gangs. By our students joining gangs, it gets them involved with violence and illegal things. The second biggest issue that students are suffering from is drugs. Students are getting involved with using drug and becoming sellers. There are so many different kinds of drugs out there in this world. Students tend sell drugs because of poverty issues at home. Sometimes students don’t have a choice. Their father or mother may not be capable of getting a job or they have substance issues too. These substance issues cause more abuse issues at home. The third societal issue is abuse. Abuse is about as big of an issue as gangs and drugs. There are
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Unformatted text preview: many kinds of abuse students suffer from. They could be getting sexually, verbally, mentally, and physically abused. This tends to stir students towards drugs and sometimes even suicide. Sometimes we don’t see the abuse because it is well hidden from. The schools should have programs other than D.A.R.E. to teach our students not to get involved with drugs. We should have a class that’s required for all students to take that teach them about societal issues that are going on. We should inform our students that they should be afraid to say no and that they can talk to us because we are here to protect them and provide the right path. If we do all of this, our students should be on the right path of overcoming anything that gets in their way!...
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