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The Teaching as a Profession class has helped me get more prepared for my future as an educator. I found that this class had a lot of resourceful information, tips, and techniques that will help me on my journey to being an instructor. However, I really don’t feel that this class has scared me in any way from wanting to be an educator. I personally was aware of the issues that went on in school that had to deal with the ever-changing diversity in classrooms. However, I must say I feel more knowledgeable in the technical law are of education. Learning all of this constructive information from my education class has
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Unformatted text preview: actually made me want to become an instructor that much more. The only sad thing for me is that I still have two long years before I will get my very own classroom. When I become an educator, I plan on using some of the programs that are mentioned in our books. These programs can help me become a better teacher by doing what most people cant do. I know realize that I am even more passionate about my profession than I was ever before. I am prepared for whatever may come my way and I will reassure you that nothing will get in my way of becoming a successful educator!...
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