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checkpoint teaching as a professional career

checkpoint teaching as a professional career - knowledge...

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Checkpoint: Teaching as a Professional Career 1. Decision making Decision making is in an educator’s life every day. Educators are faced with problems, goals, knowledge and context that they must make a choice about. If educators just sat there, we would learn nothing because no one is willing to make a choice. Teachers are filled with great knowledge which helps them to make the right decisions. 2. Autonomy Most teachers use this by educating their students for the standardized test. Educators are usually autonomic because they change their curriculum and then assess to see if their students are learning what is being taught. 3. Knowledge Knowledge is used every day where ever an educator goes. Educators use the knowledge they know to teach the students the required materials that they need to know to be successful in life and to pass their standardized tests. A lack of
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge would lead to a group of students with failing scores. Educators use their knowledge to the best of their ability to make sure every student is comfortable. 4. Reflection Educators are faced with self-assessment on whether they made the proper decision. Teachers are face with critical examination. Most teachers are reflective because they are thoughtful, analytical and even self critical to their teachings. 5. Ethical Standards Educators that are professional use an ethical behavior when working with each of their students. Educators have principles they must follow. Teachers employ Ethnical standards by asking questions with point of views and letting their students answer in a respectable matter. Educators use ethical standards every day in class to make sure ever student feels respected and unique without ever feeling out of place,...
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checkpoint teaching as a professional career - knowledge...

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