classroom charactreristics

classroom charactreristics - The classroom environment is a...

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The classroom environment is a very complex and dynamic environment that presents many challenges to the teacher. Therefore, an in depth survey of these complexities is pertinent to the understanding of learning atmosphere. However, the most efficient way of obtaining this information is from people who have firsthand experience who are teachers and paraprofessionals. Such dynamics that need to be addressed are the fact that the classroom is multidimensional, unpredictable, public, and that events are simultaneous and immediate. Katie, the interviewee, is a second year teacher in a self contained special education classroom at the junior high school level. Her situation, because of the challenges that special needs children present, provides an excellent example of the characteristics of the classroom. As previously stated, classroom events are often simultaneous and immediate and so educational professionals are required to make quick decisions on a regular basis. When Katie was asked what kinds of quick decisions she had to make on a daily basis she said that many decisions were related to classroom discipline and order. While it was important to allow the student to help themselves to grow and learn, it was also significant for her to keep some level of structure in the classroom. Therefore, when students are acting out or misbehaving, she would have to decide swiftly whether or not the situation was preventing other students from learning and issue consequences accordingly. Particularly in a special education class where Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is prevalent, student outbursts are more common providing a level of
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classroom charactreristics - The classroom environment is a...

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