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Media Stereotype - educator I will let my boys and girls...

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Media Stereotype The media tends to play a big role on this generation children. Girls suffer far more from what the media has to say. It is a proven statistic that girls worry about being accepted socially and how they look. Boys have media issues, too. However, their issues aren’t as extreme as they are for girls. An example is a girl who isn’t the right size, may get made fun of. She will have a lower self esteem because society and the media play a big role on influencing the youth. As an
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Unformatted text preview: educator, I will let my boys and girls know that they are beautiful from the inside and out. They all should know that they are all unique, special, and accepted for who they are. I will ensure that there is nothing but positive energy in my classroom. If all else fails, I will show them the brown eye and blue eye video and ask them questions on how the students felt in that video. It is important to remember we as educator influence our students just as much as the media....
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