socioeconomics - s and Student Achievements District 205...

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us and Student Achievements
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District: 205 Location: Rockford, Illinois Socioeconomic status has a direct effect on student learning and achievement. With the data that has been presented. There is a very obvious coloration between economic status and academic achievement that would suggest the higher a child’s socioeconomic status is the better education that the child will receive. It can be argued that this is because students in higher economic classes have access to better schools with more funding. This assumption is a direct result of the student’s location. As most public schools are funded by a local governing body, like a school board, it becomes obvious then that an area with a higher average income would also have higher school board taxes and therefore better funded schools. With this knowledge in mind, it would also be safe to assume that in areas of lower income levels the schools are not as well funded, education levels of parents are not necessarily as high, and student results in school begin to suffer. The research and statistics support these assumptions, particularly in district 205 located in Rockford, Illinois. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Rockford metropolitan area has an unemployment rate
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socioeconomics - s and Student Achievements District 205...

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